Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life of the Little Green Athlete

Nationally, the Life of an Athlete program principles have achieved notable success in promoting wholesome athletic lifestyles. Realizing that the time a student athlete spends off the field, court, or ice is as critical as his or her time in the game, Life of an Athlete provides a concise and realistic set of lifestyle choices for New Hampshire student athletes. It's also relevant to students who participate in sports outside of school -- not just on traditional school teams. 
Central High School embraces these concepts and has 50 student members committed to the "Life of the Little Green Athlete." Together, they promote positive lifestyle choices when it comes to proper sleep, nutrition and hydration, and a pledge to avoid drugs, alcohol and any other chemicals that negatively affect their bodies.

Life of the Little Green Athlete from Communications Coordinator on Vimeo.

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