Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A message from the superintendent about snow days

Winter has arrived, and that means bracing ourselves for snow and ice and the likelihood of closing or delaying school for inclement weather.
The decision to call a snow day or delayed opening must be made before 5:30 am due to bus schedules, and I start making and receiving phone calls well before then.  The state highway department, Manchester Department of Public Works, other school superintendents, the police department, National Weather Service and local forecasters are consulted to get as much input as possible about weather conditions.
The accumulation and duration of the storm, road and sidewalk conditions, the ability to adequately remove snow on and around our schools’ campuses, and any other factor that would ensure or prevent safe travel to school at the regular time are considered.
When a large storm is imminent, the mayor convenes emergency personnel from around Manchester to make decisions about snow plowing, emergency shelters, etc.  As superintendent, I represent the school district in this collaboration.
Sometimes the snow day or delay decision is clear, but our northern New England weather often makes some decisions more difficult.  Ultimately, you are the parent or guardian of your child(ren) and best understand the conditions in your area in making a decision about whether your child attends school.
I take these decisions very seriously.  Please know that in every instance, the safety of students and staff is always high priority.

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