Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Board of School Committee members sworn in

Front row: Nancy Tessier, Connie Van Houten, Sarah Ambrogi, Katie Desrochers, Erika Connors
Back row: Richard Girard, Debra Langton, Lisa Freeman, Mary Georges, Mayor Gatsas, Leslie Want, Arthur Beaudry, Ross Terrio, John Avard, Dan Bergeron

New and re-elected Board of School Committee members were sworn in this morning during an inaugural ceremony held at the Palace Theater. Four new members have joined the committee for the 2016-18 term:
Mary Georges, Ward 3 
Leslie Want, Ward 4
Lisa Freeman, Ward 5
Richard Girard, at large
In addition, Dan Bergeron, representing Ward 6, and Nancy Tessier, the second at-large representative, won their elections to the seats they'd been filling on an interim basis since last year.

In the BOSC's first organizational meeting held at City Hall immediately following the inauguration and Board of Mayor and Aldermen, committee assignments with chairs were made. Mayor Ted Gatsas, now serving his fourth term as mayor, is Chairman of the Board of School Committee. Arthur Beaudry of Ward 9 was elected by the board as Vice Chairman.  Committees are as follows:

Athletics & Extra Curricular Activities
Tessier (Chair), Georges, Bergeron, Desrochers, Van Houten

Building & Sites
Ambrogi (Chair), Want, Connors, Terrio, Girard

Coordination & Administration
Beaudry (Chair), Gatsas, Langton, Terrio, Van Houten, Ambrogi, Tessier

Curriculum & Instruction
Langton (Chair), Avard, Girard, Freeman, Van Houten

Mayor Gatsas, Vice Chairman and all school Committee Members

Sub – Committee on Finance
Girard, Beaudry, Desrochers, Bergeron, Tessier
Student Conduct
Terrio (Chair), Langton, Georges, Freeman, Avard Alternate: Bergeron 

Information & Technology
Bergeron (Chair), Want, Connors, Desrochers, Avard

Contact information for all Board of School Committee members can be found at bosc.mansd.org

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