Thursday, February 23, 2017

Duck nuptials at Weston Elementary School

Two years ago, a couple of ducklings hatched in Marguerite Hopey’s kindergarten classroom at Weston Elementary School. They went home to live with a friend of the school, and she has maintained the Weston connection, bringing the ducks – named Plumpty and Pierre – to visit the children several times since then.

This year’s kindergarten students decided Plumpty and Pierre should get married. Once the idea was. . .well, hatched, Mrs. Hopey and the children threw themselves into planning the event and embracing learning opportunities at the same time.

Members of the wedding party were
interviewed by media.
During interactive writing lessons, the children designed invitations, wrote the wedding vows, and created a reception menu. Math skills helped the students determine the timing of the event, calculate how much food is needed, and make seating arrangements. Weston’s music teacher is working with the students to prepare music for the ceremony, and the art teacher is guiding the children on decorations and wedding favors. Principal Liz MacDonald officiated.

West wrestler claims state title

Congratulations to Markus Joseph, a senior at West High School, who is New Hampshire's reigning high school wrestling champ! 

Markus came from behind and tied it with 2 seconds left. . .then won it in OT! He was also given the outstanding wrestler award.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Music and physical education come together for learning and fitness

The music and physical education teachers at Jewett Street Elementary School joined forces this winter to combine lessons in rhythm and movement that culminated in a school-wide dance-off. Students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade have been exploring the relationship between music, dance, and physical activity, as well as practicing music timing, footwork, and motor skills for coordination.

Each lesson started with warm-up exercises, which included jumping jacks, leg stretches, toe touches, and running in place. The teachers introduced different types of music with dance steps and choreography to go with them. Some familiar line dances – the Macarena, Cotton-Eye Joe, and the Cupid Shuffle
– were on the list, along with traditional square dancing and some freestyle. The students also used drum sticks to learn about beat patterns. At the same time, the 45-minute sessions served as good cardio-vascular workouts to build endurance.

The end of this cross-curriculum unit was celebrated with an assembly that featured demonstrations from students in each grade level to show off their enhanced or newly-developed dancing and drumming talents. 

Thank you, Mr. Baberadt and Mr. Papajohn, for a fun way to learn!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

McLaughlin 7th grader crowned spelling bee champ

Amir Melkic is Manchester's 2017 middle school spelling bee champion. He's a seventh grader from McLaughlin Middle School and claimed victory with the correct spelling of "accordingly." 

Amir also was McLaughlin's top speller last year and finished second in the 2016 city championship.

Congratulations to all of the top spellers who represented their schools, and good luck to those who will compete in the state spelling bee in Concord later this month:

*Athena Vasilopoulos, 7th grade, Southside
Paige Thibault, 7th grade, Southside
Delaney Cote, 8th grade, Southside

*Amir Melkic, 7th grade, McLaughlin
Jakub Zienkiewicz, 7th grade, McLaughlin
Paige Graziano, 8th grade, McLaughlin

*Mario Ferro, 7th grade, Hillside
Grace Mayhew, 8th grade, Hillside
Aeryn Laflamme, 6th grade, Hillside

*Salma El Boudali, 6th grade, Parkside
Jake Donahue, 7th grade, Parkside
Jocenya Deak, 6th grade, Parkside

(*Indicates students who will compete in the state spelling bee on February 25)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Winterfest 2017 schedule posted

Winterfest is coordinated by the Office of Youth Services and takes place during February Vacation.  Winterfest offers an abundance of activities for families to enjoy during the break. 

Check out the full schedule of events:

Navy conducts 46th annual inspection of ROTC

Manchester High School West’s 46th annual inspection of the ROTC took place on February 15.
This year Captain William F. Malloy, USN (Ret) inspected the cadets with family members, other special guests, Manchester Board of School Committee members Mary Georges, Leslie Want, Lisa Freeman and Arthur Beaudry in attendance, as well as Manchester West High principal Richard R. Dichard.

Captain Malloy’s detailed inspection included all administrative, supply and academic areas concluding with a demonstration from the Marksmanship Team. The program included a personnel inspection, awards presentation and concluded with a pass in review.  There was also a performance by the exhibition drill team.

The NJROTC Cadet Command Group consisting of CO Bradley Ewing, XO Joseph Parent, COS Brandon Sullenberger, CMC Kevin Scannell, Admin Justin O’Rourke, OPS Alica Talbot, Supply Alana N’Tapalis, Special Teams Anahi Bracero,  Commo Samantha Durand, Senior Chief Michael Anglin, and Desmond St. Felix made a formal presentation regarding the unit's activities.

Capt Malloy concluded the inspection with a brief to Principal Dichard announcing that the unit had achieved a result of “Outstanding,” the highest grade possible.

The Naval Science instructors are Captain Arthur W Stauff, USN (Ret) and Master Gunnery Sergeant Ronald V. Slagle, USMC (Ret). Bradley Ewing is the cadet commanding officer of the NJROTC unit.

A note about weather-related announcements

As you might already be aware, there was some kind of technical glitch when we put out the Nixle alert about today’s delayed opening. Some people received multiple texts; some people received an email but no text. We also hear that most people who didn’t get the texts early this morning eventually received them after 10:00 am. Too little, too late, right? We have contacted Nixle and will report back when we find out what happened. In the meantime, we want to offer a reminder about how we communicate weather-related announcements. Any closing or delay will be announced before 5:30 am. Official Manchester School District updates are available on: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: Usually the first and fastest notifications. MSD web site: The alert will always be at the top of the home page in red. Nixle: Sign up HERE for an account to receive text notifications. If you already have an account, check your settings to make sure you are subscribed to “public schools” alerts. You can also adjust your personal preferences to receive email notifications as well as texts. WMUR-TV WHDH-TV WCVB-TV NBC Boston TV WZID radio WGIR radio WJYY radio The postings don’t always happen simultaneously, but it’s our goal to submit them to all of our communication platforms within 15 minutes. We encourage you to monitor various sources of information to ensure you don’t miss an announcement in case one fails to function properly. We are happy to hear that most families who did not receive the Nixle text today got news of the delay in other ways.