Monday, October 5, 2015

Operation Care for Troops seeking cards and letters from kids

Operation Care for Troops used to be known as MooreMart, and was started by the Moore family from NH, to ship care packages to a family member when he was stationed in Iraq. He eventually asked them to send packages to some of the guys in his platoon who never received packages from home and from there, the program blossomed and the family began sending packages to NH troops stationed in Afghanistan and all around the Middle East.

While the US is no longer officially "at war" in that part of the world, we have tens of thousands of troops over there in various capacities, many of them in dangerous situations.  MooreMart has renamed itself Operation Care for Troops, and its mission continues to be a valuable service.  They will ship packages on November 12-14 to more than 1,300 service members.

The single most treasured item these troops love to receive is cards and letters from folks back home - particularly from kids.  Our schools have been asked to participate in this endeavor by providing cards, letters and drawings from students.

A couple of rules on the cards and letters:
  • They don't need to be long. But they can be!
  • Simple drawings are a fun addition to a letter. Crayons and colors are great!
  • Sign only with first names (and school name if you want).  Don't use last names or contact information.
  • Don't mention or ask for details of the service members' jobs (e.g. death, killings, politics, etc.). They like UPBEAT news from home!
  • Don't use inappropriate language or drawings.
  • DO thank the troops for their service.  
Manchester School District will collect notes or drawings from any children in the community to send along to Operation Care for Troops. If you would like to participate, please send your letters to the troops by October 28 to:

Care for Troops
c/o Andrea Alley
Manchester School District
195 McGregor Street
Manchester, NH 03102

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