Thursday, October 15, 2015

Manchester students among leaders in AP exam scores

Manchester School District high school students scored well above the national and global averages on last spring’s Advanced Placement exams and narrowly outpaced the mean score of their state peers. The Manchester School District mean score on all AP Exams was 3.38 (out of 5) while the New Hampshire mean was 3.23. The national and global averages were 2.82 and 2.84 respectively.
“We are immensely proud of our students and their continued level of excellence on rigorous exams such as those in the Advanced Placement program, “ said Dr. Debra Livingston, superintendent.“It is clear our teachers did an outstanding job in preparing them.”Overall there were 202 students from the school district who participated in the exams, which represents 6% of the high school student body. 78.4% of those students earned a 3, 4 or 5 on their respective subject exams triggering college credit and a mark of proficiency. Many colleges and universities accept those scores as transfer credit which helps defray the cost of college tuition. At Central High School, where there has been a 30% increase in students participating in AP over the last year, the mean score for English Literature was 3.58 with New Hampshire and Global scores coming in at 3.24 and 2.78 respectively, while in World History Central students averaged 3.98 and New Hampshire logged an average of 3.06, and students averaged 2.61 globally. It should be noted that 15% of the state’s students enrolled in World History are from Central. 
Memorial and West also saw increases in their AP enrollment of 19% and 11% respectively. West had a mean score of 4.5 in U.S. History -- a solid 1.4 points higher than the state average and almost two full points higher than the global average. Memorial joined Central and outpaced its peers in World History with an average of 3.67. “There is much to be celebrated in the Manchester School District and everyday students and teachers are giving us reasons to do it,” said Dr. Livingston. “We will continue to work hard to help our students realize their aspirations but this recent news indicates we are also well on our way.”

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