Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bakersville Elementary School teacher earns national honor

Lucy Canotas is the National Education Association’s New Hampshire 2015 Teaching Excellence award winner. The fifth grade teacher at Bakersville Elementary School received the recognition this morning from a representative of the NEA Foundation. The award also comes with a $650 check for the school, sponsored by the NEA's auto and home insurance carrier, California Casualty.

Every year, the NEA invites its state affiliates to nominate outstanding educators for the Teaching Excellence award, which recognizes teachers who create learning environments that meet the needs of students across all abilities, cultures and backgrounds. Award recipients also must demonstrate a commitment to professional development and continually work to gain new knowledge that can be shared with their colleagues.

Bakersville principal Judy Adams, left, and
MEA president Sue Hannan, right were on hand
to watch Lucy receive her award 
“Lucy looks at the whole child, sees their strengths, and helps them achieve in all areas,” said Bakersville principal Judy Adams. “Excellent teachers like Lucy know that’s the best way to make a positive difference in the lives of children.”

Canotas agrees that education is not just academic.

“It’s important to have relationships with students and families,” Canotas said. “When you understand your students better and make them feel comfortable and safe in school, they are better learners.”

Canotas and Bakersville are among several Manchester School District educators and schools recognized for various achievements in recent months.

Lucy Canotas, center, with Dr. Livingston and
Scott McKenna of California Casualty
“Lucy’s outstanding effort for the children at Bakersville is one example of how all of Manchester’s teachers work hard across the city, and we’re honored she is part of our district,” said superintendent Debra Livingston.

The school will allow Canotas to determine how to spend the cash award to support Bakersville; she hasn’t yet finalized her wish list.  

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