Thursday, May 7, 2015

2015 Science Fair Results

Congratulations to Jacob Correa of Smyth Road School for earning top honors at the New Hampshire state science fair! His "How to Freeze Water" project wowed the judges and ranked first among the 20 entrants.

Manchester's other fourth grade contenders were Dana Leclair of Gossler Park School with "Density Tower;"
Adam Brodeur of Green Acres School with "How Rust Forms;" and Sadie Olsen of Highland-Goffe’s Falls School with her project, "The Effects of Acid Rain." Sadie won first place at the Manchester Science Fair. The top four city finishers attended the state competition.

Elementary schools across Manchester participated in the 22nd annual fair, sponsored by Manchester Water Works. Approximately 450 fourth graders put their best projects forward, while third graders submitted entries for the poster contest.

The city winners are. . . .

Poster Contest

Honorable Mentions:
Jenna Dipietro of Green Acres School
Dylan Fung of Green Acres School
Rachel Lefrancois of Northwest School
Chanel Robinson of Smyth Road School
Grace Kirby-Stankiewicz of Webster School
Deagan Maxham of Weston School

4th Place:

Kayla Marston of Northwest Elementary

3rd Place:

Nolan Lamper of Northwest

2nd Place:

Alexis Bourque of Northwest

1st  Place:

Ryanna Martin of Weston

Water Projects

Honorable Mentions:
Lyne Louis-Jean and Ayuishma Archaya of Beech Street School, "Water Filter”

Abe Twomey of Hallsville School,  "African Water Concerns”

Olivia Larochelle of Webster School, "Why Does Ice Float?”

4th Place:
Jacob Correa of Smyth Road School, "How to Freeze Water”

3rd Place:
Dana Leclair of Gossler Park School, "Density Tower”

2nd Place:
Adam Brodeur of Green Acres School, "How Rust Forms”

1st  Place:
Sadie Olsen of Highland-Goffe’s Falls School, "The Effects of Acid Rain”

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