Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Music and physical education come together for learning and fitness

The music and physical education teachers at Jewett Street Elementary School joined forces this winter to combine lessons in rhythm and movement that culminated in a school-wide dance-off. Students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade have been exploring the relationship between music, dance, and physical activity, as well as practicing music timing, footwork, and motor skills for coordination.

Each lesson started with warm-up exercises, which included jumping jacks, leg stretches, toe touches, and running in place. The teachers introduced different types of music with dance steps and choreography to go with them. Some familiar line dances – the Macarena, Cotton-Eye Joe, and the Cupid Shuffle
– were on the list, along with traditional square dancing and some freestyle. The students also used drum sticks to learn about beat patterns. At the same time, the 45-minute sessions served as good cardio-vascular workouts to build endurance.

The end of this cross-curriculum unit was celebrated with an assembly that featured demonstrations from students in each grade level to show off their enhanced or newly-developed dancing and drumming talents. 

Thank you, Mr. Baberadt and Mr. Papajohn, for a fun way to learn!

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