Thursday, February 23, 2017

Duck nuptials at Weston Elementary School

Two years ago, a couple of ducklings hatched in Marguerite Hopey’s kindergarten classroom at Weston Elementary School. They went home to live with a friend of the school, and she has maintained the Weston connection, bringing the ducks – named Plumpty and Pierre – to visit the children several times since then.

This year’s kindergarten students decided Plumpty and Pierre should get married. Once the idea was. . .well, hatched, Mrs. Hopey and the children threw themselves into planning the event and embracing learning opportunities at the same time.

Members of the wedding party were
interviewed by media.
During interactive writing lessons, the children designed invitations, wrote the wedding vows, and created a reception menu. Math skills helped the students determine the timing of the event, calculate how much food is needed, and make seating arrangements. Weston’s music teacher is working with the students to prepare music for the ceremony, and the art teacher is guiding the children on decorations and wedding favors. Principal Liz MacDonald officiated.

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