Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mystery Location Calls offer unique learning opportunity

Access to computers, software, and creating web-based classroom projects is expanding in all of our schools, giving teachers across Manchester School District the opportunity to use technology during every day lessons. Recently, one of our teachers jumped at the chance to integrate technology in a way he never had before.

Mr. Coulon signed up his fourth graders at Highland-Goffe's Falls Elementary School for a Mystery Location Call. They connected with a class in another state via Google Hangout, and the children asked each other yes/no questions to figure out where the other class was. With each answer, the kids marked off a map to narrow down the states and ultimately make a guess about the other class's location. 

Highland's mystery callers were in Mississippi! Hattiesburg, to be exact.

"Students today are part of the digital world, and we as educators have to change and find new and creative ways to teach them," said Mr. Coulon. "I wanted my students to experience things outside Manchester and New Hampshire. This allowed us to do that, and it helped the students practice communication skills and forming questions, as well as sharpen mapping skills." 

The reactions from Mr. Coulon's students show they enjoyed the Mystery Location Call experience:
"I thought it was cool because no worksheet could describe how they talked or how they felt about living in Mississippi."

"My favorite part about the mystery call was figuring out what state they were in."

"I liked that we could talk to people that have different accents."

They're looking forward to participating in another one soon! 

Any teacher who is interested to being matched with a Mystery Location Call classroom can check out the Google+ community that will help make the connection. Give it a try! 

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