Monday, September 21, 2015

Smarter Balanced data to be released statewide in November

Student and school scores from the 2015 spring administration of the Smarter Balanced assessment will be available to parents and the public on November 12, 2015, according to Manchester School District’s Superintendent Debra Livingston. Staff at the SAU will soon be reviewing the data and preparing instructional materials for principals and teachers to use in order to interpret and make the best use of the data.

Students across the district in grades three through eight and grade eleven took the assessment last spring. Principals will have the results later this week and teachers will begin reviewing the information the week of September 28.

“We anticipate a very robust reporting method that will allow our school leaders to make the best use of the information in order to improve what we are doing in the classroom,” said Dr. Livingston. “The assessment, a first of this kind for all students, will be used this year to establish a baseline of achievement. We are eager to have the conversations with principals and teachers about what they see in the data and how they wish to use it moving forward.”

The Smarter Balanced assessment consists of a computer adaptive test and performance tasks that describe student achievement in math and language arts. It provides fair measures of students’ progress toward mastery of academic standards while illustrating students’ knowledge and skills required to be college and career ready.

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