Friday, April 10, 2015

How to become a ball boy at a Celtics game

Fifth graders at Beech Street Elementary School recently had a chance to win the unique experience of being a ball girl or boy at a Boston Celtics game. All they had to do was enter an essay contest, answering the questions:

"What makes a person a good role model? How does this relate to good sportsmanship? Include a personal example of sportsmanship you've seen or experienced in your own life or from the media."

The essay by Christian Vazquez, in Mrs. Bouchard's class, stood out. As the winner, who also demonstrated good behavior and good attendance, he received the opportunity to go with his parents to the April 3 Celtics game, where he helped out during warm-ups by being the team's ball boy. His full essay is transcribed below.

A good role model is someone you look up to for either advice or positive choice-making. Positive choice-making is a fact of being a good role model. To be an example for someone looking up to their favorite basketball player, the basketball player has to be at their best. Role models are meant to inspire, instruct and to set good examples. Role models don't have to be perfect, but they do have to show that everyone makes mistakes and that it's important to be accountable for them.

Good sportsmanship is a key to being the best teams. Everyone has to try their hardest. Even if the team is losing, good sportsmanship is all that counts. A coach has to set an example to be a good role model for the best sportsmanship for their team. 

I experienced good sportsmanship from the media when Tom Brady gave Malcolm Butler his new truck. Tom Brady got a new truck for winning the 2015 Super Bowl MVP. Instead of Brady keeping the truck, he gave it to Malcolm for winning the game with his interception and the Patriots win against the Seattle Seahawks. That was the best sportsmanship and role model I have seen.

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