Friday, April 10, 2015

A McLaughlin student's thank you letter to his favorite teacher wins contest

Back in February, students from McLaughlin Middle School submitted essays to Barnes & Noble's My Favorite Teacher contest. Below is the winning essay, written by sixth grader Aaron Triehy to honor his math teacher, Mary Wade. 
For their local prizes, the Manchester Barnes & Noble store allowed Aaron to choose a item of his choice -- a copy of The Hobbit -- and Mrs. Wade will receive a gift card. The essay now moves on to a regional Barnes & Noble competition. 
Aaron and Mrs. Wade also were recognized during an assembly at McLaughlin.

Dear Mrs. Wade,

I'd like to say, "Thank you." You haven't known me for a very long time, but you treat me like I've been your student for years. I have only been in your classes for 5 months. It seems longer. Not because it's a chore. You make math feel fun. You also make it feel easier because of the notes and the foldables. You even helped me organize my math book so I didn't lose track of stuff in my note book. If my mom has any questions, you always talk to her and are very helpful.

I have always liked math, but I was worried that I wouldn't do well in middle school, I'm not no worried about middle school anymore. Being in advisory has been great, too. We do not just sit there and do nothing, or just wait for our next class. We watch CNN Student News and play Around the World, and sometimes do challenges to win homework passes around the holidays. I like Around the World. A math game where we have to solve math problems to win. I think this is a great help, especially for someone who might be struggling, because it is a great way to help everyone remember math facts. I am so much more confident with math.

Thank you for the fun math games in advisory, Thank you for making school feel more fun. Thank you for setting aside your time to help kids out with their math after school. You are a really awesome teacher. In fact, out of all the 6th grade teachers, you are one of my favorites. That is why I wanted to write this letter. I want other people to know that McLaughlin Middle School has a really great math teacher in Gold 6-1. Her name is Mrs. Wade. I want those people to know that if they came to visit, they should go see you at work, in your classroom. They would like what they see,

Aaron Triehy

P.S. I also think it's cool that you love Tom Brady and will sometimes wear your #12 shirt.

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