Monday, May 15, 2017

Principal McCafferty receives inaugural SNHU Loeffler Prize

Hillside Middle School principal Brendan McCafferty is the first ever recipient of Southern New Hampshire University's newly established Loeffler Prize, recognizing those who have unselfishly and generously contributed their time and talents for the enrichment of others and the betterment of their community. In the description of the award, SNHU says honorees set an example for the spirit of generosity, everyday contributions, sometime heroism, and perseverance.

Mr. McCafferty was honored in part for his hard work to build a network of opportunities for his students across the city of Manchester. He has been an instrumental champion in the work of local nonprofit BRING IT!, an acronym of the program’s full name: “Bringing Refugees, Immigrants and Neighbors Gently Into Tomorrow.” An average of 100 kids attend the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions after school, which started at Hillside and is now also offered and hosted by the Middle School at Parkside. These evenings feature dance, in-door soccer, and sports, and a Homework Club, as well as volunteers from across the Manchester community, who act as mentors for program participants, encouraging and inspiring them to establish a sense of place, and belonging.

SNHU called Mr. McCafferty "an inspiring example of what an individual, with a passion, and a drive to facilitate change, who makes a positive and transformative impact on the lives of others, can achieve."

The Loeffler Prize is named for Frederic "Rick" A. Loeffler, a member of the SNHU community, who embodies the spirit of this award.  A long-time member of the SNHU Board of Trustees and a local business person, Rick is a champion of his community and the prize commemorates his commitment to make Manchester and New Hampshire a better place for all.

The Loeffler Prize carries a $2,000 gift to be made in the winner’s name to a non-profit of his or her choice. Mr. McCafftery has asked that the Hillside Middle School PTO receive that gift.

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