Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Call for college advice from those who know

It’s not too early for the Class of 2017 to think about college. This summer, many rising seniors might be visiting campuses near and far. They’re also looking ahead to the fall when they’ll be deciding which schools they want to attend and jump into the college application process.

Some students might not be on the path to post-secondary education. Yet.

We want to hear from Manchester’s high school graduates who are a year or two into college and have advice to offer. What would you tell students who believe college isn’t for them? What resources did you use in high school to help you plan for college? What are some of the challenges you faced adjusting to college life? How have you benefited from your college experience so far?   

Please email your thoughts to communications@mansd.org. Give us your first name only or remain anonymous -- the choice is yours! We will share the responses we receive; your words of wisdom could inspire students to think more seriously about continuing their education beyond high school.

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