Thursday, February 18, 2016

Middle schools crown first spelling bee city champion

The top spellers from Hillside, McLaughlin, Parkside and Southside middle schools in Manchester -- Aashaya Rajbhandri, Amir Melkic, Scott Ogden, and Dennis Kotee -- will compete in the state competition in Concord on February 27.

In the meantime, just for fun and practice, the top three spelling bee finishers from each of the four middle schools were invited to take the stage at Central High School for the Manchester city title.

The ten spellers with their middle school principals
Representing Hillside Middle School:
Logan Gokey
McKenzie McFee-Frechette (absent)
Aashaya Rajbhandri

Representing McLaughlin Middle School:
Kevin Lopez
Amir Melkic
Anxhela Zguri

Representing Middle School at Parkside:
Jose Mireles-Sparks
Scott Ogden
Ethan Walls

Representing Southside Middle School:
Dennis Kotee
Jaden Moore (absent)
Vaelen Murphy

Mr. Ransdell presents Aashaya Rajbhandri with the first place trophy
Director of Manchester Historic association John Clayton served as Master of Ceremonies, providing each speller with a word as his or her turn came up.

As spellers were eliminated one by one, the final elimination came down to the word "anorak," which McLaughlin's Amir Melkic misspelled. Hillside 8th grader Aashaya Rajbhandri correctly spelled that one and the next word, "badger," to capture the city title.

Middle School at Parkside principal Forrest Ransdell organized the contest, which he hopes will be an annual event.

Congratulations to all of this year's contestants, and good luck to our state spelling bee finalists!

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