Monday, November 9, 2015

Reminder and details about the November 30 school hours change

On November 30, the school day hours will change. The new school day hours listed below apply to all schools except Manchester School of Technology.

The hours for MST will remain the same.
Elementary students who eat breakfast served at school may arrive at 8:15 am.
The drop-off times for before school care provided by our partner organizations, New Morning, 21 Century, Manchester Boys & Girls Club, and the YMCA, will not change.
On early release days for elementary schools, dismissal remains 11:15.
Delayed openings for weather will be two hours later than the new arrival time.

The anticipated last day of school, if we don’t have more than three snow days this winter, is Thursday, June 9, 2016.

                                         Students arrive       Class begins       Dismissal
Elementary schools            8:30 am                  8:45 am             2:50 pm
Morning preschool             9:05 am                  9:15 am           11:45 am
Afternoon preschool         12:35 pm                 12:45 pm          3:15 pm
Full-day preschool              8:45 am                  9:00 am            2:00 pm
Middle school                     7:20 am                  7:35 am            2:20 pm
High school                         7:38 am                 7:45 am             2:53 pm

Beginning on November 30, all middle school morning buses will pick up five minutes later than the current time; all elementary school morning buses will pick up ten minutes later than the current time.

If you'd like to check your individual bus times, the new schedules for elementary, middle and high school buses are available online.

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