Monday, March 30, 2015

Incidents prompt reminders of "stranger danger" safety

Manchester police have received reports of a man in a car asking school-aged kids if they need a ride. Three such incidents occurred last week in different areas of the city after school while students walked home. The driver and car descriptions varied. 

While police and schools are being vigilant, we want to bring these incidents to parents' attention so that they, too, can be aware and remind their children about important safety precautions.
If your children walk home from school, please review the safest route and point out where they can go if they are confronted with trouble.  
Encourage your child to walk with friends – kids are safer in groups.
Make sure your child knows his or her address and phone number and knows how to reach you in case of an emergency.
Tell your children it is okay to say no to an adult in a dangerous situation, to yell, and to run away.
If he or she is approached by a stranger, your child should report it to you or another trusted adult right away.

The National Crime Prevention Council has more information and resources about teaching children what they need to know:

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