Thursday, February 26, 2015

School snow removal update

The Manchester Department of Public Works Facilities Division has been working all week on its snow removal efforts from the roofs of school buildings across the city. There is no present concern about the snow loads on the roofs or structural integrity of the buildings; these steps are precautionary in the event of another major snow storm.

In the meantime, a structural engineer completed his assessment of Gossler-Park Elementary School after cracks in several walls prompted the school's evacuation last week. The engineer concluded that none of the wall cracks are the result of snow loads on the roof, but rather they appear to be an older, recurring issue. Many have been previously repaired but reappeared over time and are likely caused by settling.  He saw no other indications of structural distress or issues related to the snow.

City workers will continue to stay ahead of roof snow removal through the end of the season.

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