Friday, December 5, 2014

The Attendance Ice Bucket Challenge

Congratulations to Parker-Varney and Gossler Park elementary schools for taking on the attendance challenge. Students in both schools worked extremely hard to make sure that they were at school -- and on time -- every day, and the numbers were tracked for the month of October. Parker-Varney won the competition by just a hair, 94.8 percent to 94.07 percent! 

Gossler Park's principal, Ms. Upham went to Parker-Varney today to pay off the bet, submitting to a version of the "Ice Bucket challenge." PV students designed a nine-foot pipe to dump the cold water on Ms. Upham, who also donated $105 to ALS research in Parker-Varney's name. Thanks to technology, the event was FaceTimed with Gossler Park so that those students could watch their principal get soaked! 

Way to go, everyone! Keep up the great attendance all year long!

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