Thursday, June 27, 2013

Curriculum Audit of the Manchester School District

Please find the audit report link at the bottom of this announcement from CMSi, which was presented by Dr. Judy Birmingham to the Curriculum & Instruction and Strategic Planning committees on June 26. For helpful background on how to read and understand the report, we would recommend reviewing either the tv coverage of the meeting, or the minutes from the meeting which will be forthcoming.

In reviewing the document, please note that this audit was structured like a financial audit, in that the auditors evaluated the Manchester School District against five standards, and evaluated our performance against those standards, using multiple criteria for each standard.  As Dr.Birmingham noted last night, the auditors were not engaged in comparing us to other districts, but rather in measuring the district against established objective criteria.

The report has been forwarded to the full Board of School Committee, and will most likely be discussed at the August 12th meeting.  Following that discussion, the members of the two committees are hopeful that this report can serve as the basis for an action plan for the Board, Dr.
Livingston, and the district as a whole.

As a final note, to paraphrase Dr. Birmingham's concluding comment last night: Nothing in the report suggests that anyone in the Manchester School District - staff, administrators, Board members - needs to work harder.  Rather, the report suggests how we can move forward to focus our hard work to achieve the outcomes we desire for our district and our students. Thank you.

Click here for the Audit Report The report will remain available on Look in the upper left Quick Links menu under Reports & Documents.

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